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Detection by RT-PCRof the HLA*B27 alleles

The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is the genetic region that contains the most polymorphic loci of the genome involved in the mechanism of antigen presentation and, as such, defines the general immunological response.
Within the MHC, the allelic family HLA B27 is part of the HLA-B locus and presents a frequency between 3 and 8% of the Caucasian population. Despite this frequency the interest in this allelic family relies in its relation with different rheumatic diseases called spondyloarthropathies, from which we can highlight ankylosing spondylitis (AS).

Around 90% of the patients with AS are HLA B27 positive. Other related autoimmune diseases are Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (80% of patients), and the Reiter syndrome or reactive arthritis (50-80%). The HLA B27 is also present in 50% of the patients with inflammatory bowel disease with spondylitis and plaque psoriasis with spondylitis. HLA B27 is not the root cause of these pathologies, but there is a higher prevalence of this antigen in affected patients.

GENVINSET® HLA B27 is a kit for the HLA-B*27 group allele determination by Real time PCR using TaqMan® probes technology.

  • Detection by RT-PCR of the HLA*B27 alleles
  • Easy interpretation and clear results
  • No need of conventional DNA extraction
  • No Electrophoresis