Data Management System

ARIADNA a software that allows the user to organiz information on organ and bone marrow donors and recipients to improve the efficiency of data management in their transplant programme.

The information managed includes typing data, antibody information, general patient status, history data and contact information. Sorting:/ia can be established based on these and other parameters.

It is a web programme designed in a modular way, with the possibility of defining different user levels who can access by a personal password after the registration and authorisation of the patients under their care, enabled for the automatic incorporation of information on analyses carried out, the storage of results and patient information and so on.

ARIADNA includes several functionalities that facilitate both the work of immunology services in the development of their activity and that of all transplant teams. The programme includes
the virtual « cross-match » utility, which allows the user to define a set of technical Gibralia that highlight relevant recipient data to assign a specific donor.

Software characteristics

Virtual Cross-Match

Software tool for assessing the suitability of a transplant.

Versatility of web application

  • Multi-user
  • Multi-Central
  • Multi-Point

Customizable Software

It allows the entire information system to be configured according to the needs of the work centre by the use of the master’s configuration.

Automatic import of Luminex results

  • HLA Typing result file
  • Single Antigen result file
  • Screening result file
  • PRA (Panel Reactive Antibody)

lis Connection

Software version with possibility to receive/send data from/to the Hospital’s Laboratory Information System (lis).