Our Colombian distributor, Annar Healthcare Technologies, releases a video about highlights on using fragment analysis technology to diagnose rare neurological disorders

We are pleased to announce that our Colombian distributor, the company Annar Healthcare, has created a video in which Dr. Daniel Salgado gives a comprehensive overview of the fragment analysis technology, and its importance in the diagnosis of trinucleotide expansion disorders such as Huntington’s disease or Friedreich’s Ataxia.

These disorders are debilitating rare diseases that affect the central nervous system, and their early detection is crucial to improving patients’ quality of life. Dr. Salgado emphasises into the importance of early detection, not only in individuals with symptoms but also in those who may carry a premutation and are at risk of passing it on to their offspring.

Fragment analysis technology plays a key role in the detection of these disorders, and this video provides a valuable insight into how it works and how it can aid in the diagnosis of these diseases.

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