BDR and Its Commitment to Digitalization and Employee Training:

Blackhills Diagnostic Resources has taken a significant step towards digitalization and staff training. The company has actively participated in digital transformation programs offered by the San Valero Group, an initiative that includes institutions such as San Jorge University and SEAS Estudios Superiores Abiertos, in collaboration with Bejob Employability. These trainings, funded by European Next Generation funds, are crucial for the digital evolution of SMEs.

The San Valero Group’s Focus on Digital Transformation

The San Valero Group has implemented two university courses to enhance digital transformation in SMEs. These programs aim to increase productivity and competitiveness, in addition to promoting internationalization strategies. Berta Sáez, rector of San Jorge University, emphasizes the need for continuous training in a constantly changing digital world.

« Digital Generation: Agents of Change » Program

This program focuses on training and mentoring young people, SME workers, and unemployed individuals, with the goal of integrating them into the labor market as digital change agents. It includes 150 hours of training in areas such as business management, digital strategy, and soft skills.

« Digital Transformation for SME Managers » Program

Aimed at executives and middle managers of SMEs, this program provides tools in business management, cybersecurity, and big data. It allows participants to develop projects ranging from implementing electronic signatures to improving cybersecurity policies.

Impact and Future of the Initiative

BDR’s participation in these programs reflects its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Digital transformation is not just a technological challenge but also a change in organizational culture. The collaboration with the San Valero Group and the use of European Next Generation funds demonstrate BDR’s vision to evolve in line with global market demands.

BDR’s commitment to training and digitalization through collaboration with the San Valero Group represents a model for other SMEs. With these programs, BDR not only improves its internal capabilities but also contributes to the development of talent and competitiveness in the business sector of Aragon.

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